6 Practical Ways to Create a Harmonious Family

Creating a harmonious family is the dream of every human being. Harmony will be created when you are able to create a conducive climate in family life. Family institutions are like a building that stands firm. Its robustness depends on how strong the institutional foundation in the family is built. There are so many human beings who marry and build household midwives and eventually lead to divorce and separation, both among ordinary people to celebrities, can not be separated from the name of the fight to end in separation. Why did it happen? Well, talk about creating a harmonious family foundation. Surely you want to know how to create a harmonious family

6 Practical Ways to Create a Harmonious Family:

1. Recognize and realize that marriage aims to worship God
Marriage is a sacred ritual that is very sacred. The sacredness is a sacred promise that is not only spoken before the prince, the bride’s parents, witnesses, and the people present at the wedding procession, but also witnessed by Allah SWT and the other inhabitants of the sky. Marriage should be based on sincere, holy intentions and the highest hope for the divine to expect His pleasure. The sacred vows and loving and loving one another are the most important components of marriage. When someone has intended to get married, it means that he is ready to live together to explore the life of a household. The success of creating a harmonious family depends on the husband, because, marrying a voyage captain who will bring his wife anchored in his harmonious ocean is household. It was she who brought where the wedding would be anchored. Dock to the ocean of beauty or to the ocean of misery.

2. Respect your husband, love your wife
Marriage aims to create harmonization between husband and wife who are full of peace and peace. Household peace can be seen from the amount of respect for his wife to her husband, and the magnitude of her husband’s love for his wife. Husbands must love their wives and their wives must respect their husbands. When in a household life they have understood and respected each other, then achieving a harmonious household life will be realized. Sakinah mawaddah warahmah.

3. Don’t be shy about saying love every time you meet
Sometimes when two human beings are married, the dating zone that used to be warm with love greetings is often expressed both from the mouths of men and women. However, when they have lived together as a family element the smallest sweet words when dating like that are no longer said. All of that is caused by changes in the transition cycle dating to marriage. In fact, when married say sweet and beautiful words that should be more often spoken to strengthen affection between husband and wife. Apparently, it’s a shame that makes it difficult for them to say the word “I Love U”. So, don’t be embarrassed to express your heart to your wife, because your wife is in dire need and wants you to say the words more often and more.

4. Always advise each other
In family life, there is no family apart from various life problems. Problems will certainly come upon newly built households. Trial after trial will often come and go. Therefore, it is important for married couples to continue to advise each other to minimize problems. So, the problem does not drag on or until the household relationship breaks apart. The key is always advising each other.

5. Have a commitment to be faithful
The trials and hurdles of a marriage are like a reef in waves. Like a tree shaken by the wind. The higher the tree, the greater the temptation that reaches it. So is the marriage ceremony. Marriage is inseparable from the problems that will arise as the marriage age progresses. Then it is also necessary to mature yourself to face all the problems that come. Cases that often perch in the marriage kitchen are infidelity. Well, this affair often happens to newly married couples or even couples who have been married for years. Because, infidelity is not favoritism and indiscriminate. Infidelity can happen to all married families. To avoid infidelity is to commit to a pledge of loyalty. Having a commitment to a faithful promise is a shield to prevent us from the excesses of infidelity. So, commitment to faithful promises is very important to strengthen the fabric of marriage between two human beings.

6. Discuss when there are problems
How many households live on the edge of their marriage age. How much misunderstanding has made the age of the marriage shorter. And how many acts of domestic violence cover the household of most people. Why do we see more domestic violence in a family? Because so many families don’t use their cold heads for a moment to discuss to find solutions to problems that arise. These problems often and even occur and are resolved by violence. In fact, it can be discussed in a good way and with a cool head and a broad heart. With good discussion will produce good results also for the good of both parties who are in tension.